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Is your roof letting you down?

Element Roofing are the re-roofing specialists in Wellington.
Quick check up before the Spring rush; how is your roof doing? Any leaks? Discolouration?
Did you know that your roof lasts longer than almost any other part of the house, but when it starts leaking….it becomes a major project.

For your peace of mind, book a FREE Roof Inspection this Spring. In some cases we are able to do repairs before it’s too late!

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Have you seen anything like that around your house?

“Element roofing are a professional company who communicated extremely well throughout the process of re-roofing our house. The site was kept clean, tidy and organised. Nothing was too much trouble, even when we added additional requests such as two sun tunnels. Everyone who worked on the job arrived early in the morning and worked efficiently. Our roof and sun tunnels look amazing and we are so pleased with the end result!”   Liz Winfield

Do you know why some metals should never touch?

When different types of metals come into contact with each other, and particularly when water is present, chemical reactions take place. It’s important to know which metals should never touch, both to ensure the longevity of your roof, and that you are covered by the warranty, especially when adding things like solar panels and aerials at any point.

For Prompt Inspection of your Roof call
0508 Roof Roof (7663 7663)

Meet Rebekah
Rebekah is the newest addition to Elements Quoting Team.  With a background in Real Estate and a passion for delivering outstanding customer service, Rebekah ensures your roofing project is quoted on efficiently and with a dedication to detail, leaving you to make the easy decision to roof with us.

Rebekah is a member of NAWiC, a founding member of the Wellington branch of NZWiR, is the current Vice President at BNI Capital City and Ambassador for BNI Wellington Region, giving her access to a vast network of expertise.

In her spare time Rebekah is a science fiction enthusiast, plays poker and is addicted to watching mixed martial arts.

She is highly competitive and will do almost anything for a coffee.

For Prompt Inspection of your Roof call 0508 Roof Roof (7663 7663)