Building a home or need a roof replacement for your existing home? We can help.

We offer residential new roof and roof replacement to the entire Wellington region including Kapiti, Upper Hutt and Eastbourne. Our roofing specialists will visit your home to provide a free quote – get in touch with us by filling in the form.

Close up aerial shot of a roof in Brooklyn
Close up aerial shot of a roof in Brooklyn

We install high quality, durable long-run steel roofing from COLORSTEEL®

We install 0.55 gauge corrugated long run steel from COLORSTEEL® due to it’s durability against harsh weather conditions and coastal conditions – essential in the Wellington region.

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During your roofing project, we don’t charge rent for scaffolding. If the job is delayed due to bad weather, we won’t charge you more.

We offer a variety of colours from the COLORSTEEL® range