Property type
Residential Coastal
Roof material & profile
COLORSTEEL Maxx® 0.55 Corrugated & MC760
Roof colour
New Denim Blue

After removing the existing worn corrugated iron roof from the main house we installed a new COLORSTEEL Maxx® 0.55 iron roof in colour New Denim Blue. Maxx® was chosen for this project as this property is within 100 meters of the coastline. Maxx® has a special coating designed specifically for New Zealand’s extreme coastal conditions.

We used corrugated iron on the upper roofs. On the lower roof we used MC760 (trapezoidal profile) as the pitch is below the 8 degrees required to meet the standards for corrugated iron. We ensured the flashings were installed to best practice by removing and replacing the lower row of weatherboards where the lower roof and the house walls meet.

The old chimney was no longer in use at the property and as this can be a seismic hazard we removed it to below the first roof line making this seaside home safer.

Close up view of a new roof in Eastbourne
Shot of a window and roof of an Eastbourne house
Close up shot of a roof in Eastbourne
Front aerial shot of a roof in Eastbourne
Top view shot of a roof in Eastbourne
Aerial shot of a roof in Eastbourne