Our roofing process is designed to be efficient and minimise disruption to your property

We understand that most people will only roof their home once in a lifetime, so our process is designed to guide you from beginning to end and make the experience as painless as possible.

Delays are sometimes unavoidable with the Wellington weather, but the team at Element Roofing will minimise delays and disruption where possible. We will keep you informed of any delays in advance with our weekly update emails.

During your roofing project, we don’t charge rent for scaffolding. If the job is delayed due to bad weather, we won’t charge you more.

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Roofing process



Send us an enquiry and we’ll aim to contact you by the next working day to arrange an in person site visit.



Scaffolding is installed one week before the job starts.


Roof measure

Our Project Manager will come to site and do an accurate measure of your roof. This will then be sent to the manufacturer to be custom made for your home.


Work starts

The Roofing Team starts on site and work begins. We will remove only as much as we can replace in one day. This allows us to roof all year round. Our Project Manager will keep you informed on progress with emails and phone calls.


Tidy up

Once the work is complete, our truck team performs a tidy up and removes all the rubbish, including using a magnet roller on your lawn to remove all debris – leaving your garden looking as good as before the project started.


Quality check & sign off

Once the work and tidy up is complete, our Project Manager will attend the site to perform quality checks and sign off on the project.

We follow a thorough tidy-up process once the project is complete by using a magnetic roller to remove all debris from your lawn.