24hr Reroofing Quote Terms and Conditions

Occasionally, we are unable to provide a scaffolding quote as quickly as a roofing quote but we commit to delivering your re-roofing quote within 24 hours when you contact us during the week. Weekend quotes will be turned around in 24 hours from Monday morning. This does not apply to new roofs on plans. If we fail, we will buy you a bottle of wine, or an equivalent Supermarket voucher, on request.

Payment Terms

We require a 50% deposit before we start the job. On completion, we will send an invoice which is payable within 7 days.

TV and Sky Reception

If we need to move a sky dish to lay the roof a sky technician may need to come and realign it. This is charged to the subscriber’s account. We have NOT allowed for this cost in our quote. Unrelated to the sky dish moving, on some occasions the scaffold can interrupt the TV and SKY signals. It will come back normal once the scaffold has been brought down and cannot be prevented.


We hold a $2,000,000.00 Platinum Plus Public Liability insurance policy with NZI/Lumley Insurance. We do recommend that you also contact your own insurance company prior to work commencing to ensure that you are complying with your policy requirements as many residential insurance policies require that you advise them of any upcoming construction/renovation work.


Increased awareness about safety at heights means that we are now required by law to use a suitable safety system while re-roofing your house.

Two systems used today are edge protection and full scaffolding.

Roof Warranty

Element Roofing provides a manufacturer’s warranty for materials and our roofs over three degrees only and are also backed by a 5 year RANZ (Roofing Association of New Zealand) workmanship warranty.