We only install COLORSTEEL® & ColorCote® as they are the only two brands that use New Zealand made steel.

Both COLORSTEEL Endura® and ColorCote ZinaCore® are made by New Zealand Steel in Auckland and contain the same base product a mixture of aluminum and zinc. The only difference is the paint, while they share the same colour pallette they are painted in different factories. COLORSTEEL is painted at New Zealand Steel using Resene paints. Zinacore® is painted down the road at ColourCote®. Both carry the same warranty and are made specifically for New Zealand’s harsh environment.

These products are interchangeable and we will usually suggest which one to use based on which supplier is able to provide us with the necessary bespoke flashings in the shortest time frame at the scheduled time of your reroof.

MagnaFlow® and Maxx® vary in composition and we will generally advise the use of one rather than the other based on the warranty available for your specific job. These products are both designed for extreme conditions like those found on coastlines. There are a few differences in the steel, the main one being that MagnaFlow® contains magnesium in the coating which is not in the Maxx®. There is no advantage in using one over the other.


Suitable for properties over between 500 – 1000m from breaking surf
COLORSTEEL Endura® provides enduring performance for moderate inland to severe coastal environments. COLORSTEEL Endura® is designed to provide protection against corrosion in areas where moderate to severe environmental conditions are experienced. It is the most popular COLORSTEEL® choice, a product that can be seen on homes, businesses, and buildings right around the country. COLORSTEEL Endura® is made tough, yet forsakes nothing when it comes to aesthetic appeal, boasting a large range of colours and profiles. High quality, low maintenance and durable, COLORSTEEL Endura® represents the perfect blend of form and function. Properties requiring COLORSTEEL Endura® are typically found on exposed coasts or in the immediate vicinity of calm saltwater such as estuaries.


Suitable for properties 100 – 500m from breaking surf on exposed coasts
COLORSTEEL Maxx® is designed to provide protection against corrosion in areas where severe to very severe environmental conditions are experienced. Every aspect of COLORSTEEL Maxx® is made with corrosion resistance and longevity in mind. Specifically developed to withstand higher atmospheric salt concentrations. The usage of COLORSTEEL Maxx® is determined by your property’s proximity to the coast, geothermal areas and industrial environments. Your Element Roofing consultant is the best person to help inform you if COLORSTEEL Maxx® is the right choice for your environment.


Suitable for properties under 25m from the high-water mark on the east coast, and 50m from the high-water mark on the west coast
Designed for superior corrosion protection, COLORSTEEL Altimate® combines a marine grade aluminium substrate with the proven paint technology of COLORSTEEL®. The aluminium substrate delivers exceptional resistance to corrosion, while the COLORSTEEL® paint system offers further protection and a premium finish Ideal for extremely severe environments, the usage of COLORSTEEL Altimate® is determined by your property’s proximity to the coast, geothermal areas and industrial environments. Your Element Roofing consultant is the best person to help inform you if COLORSTEEL Altimate® is the right choice for your environment. Properties requiring COLORSTEEL Altimate® are typically characterised by: heavy salt deposits; the almost constant smell of salt spray in the air; close to breaking surf such as is found on exposed coasts.

ColorCote Zinacore®

Suitable for properties over 100m from the coast
Suitable for moderate climatic conditions, ZinaCore has a hot-dipped aluminium/zinc alloy coating over a steel substrate. It has an acrylic or polyester top coat baked on a polyester primer, giving an extremely durable paint system that resists UV damage and provides excellent gloss and colour retention.

ColorCote Magnaflow®

Suitable for properties between 50 – 100m from the coast
Designed for severe marine conditions, the superior corrosion resistance of MagnaFlow, makes it an ideal choice for demanding coastal environments. The magnesium in the aluminium/zinc/magnesium coating ‘magically’ helps zinc flow over cut edges, sealing them against exposure which will cause corrosion.

Colorcote Alumigard®

Suitable for properties under 50m from the coast
A premium metal roofing product, Alumigard is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Aluminium doesn’t rust and is suitable for use in very severe marine environments, right up to the waterline. Alumigard’s durable baked-on paint systems is the same marine grade aluminium alloy boats are made from.

We remove any existing material that is currently on your roof including metal roofing, concrete tiles, butynol, and even asbestos, and remove it from the site. Then we will install new long-run roofing.

We hold a $2,000,000.00 Platinum Plus Public Liability insurance policy with NZI/Lumley Insurance. We do recommend that you also contact your own insurance company prior to work commencing to ensure that you are complying with your policy requirements as many residential insurance policies require that you advise them of any upcoming construction/renovation work.

Scaffolding costs vary depending on your roof’s height, the roof’s pitch, and the project’s complexity.

We give you a fixed price for scaffolding including all rent related to the roofing project and we won’t charge you more if the job is delayed due to bad weather.


When we remove your asbestos roof you do not need to move out of your house. However, during the day of the asbestos removal, you will either have to spend the day inside your home or away from the site for the day. You will not be able to come and go.