Extend the lifespan of your existing roof

At Element Roofing we believe in standing behind our work. When it comes to repairs we do not offer quick fix repairs with silicone that will only leak again in a few months.

We know the best way to fix a leak is to do a part replacement; it is the only option that works so that you don’t find yourself revisiting the same unresolved issue over and over again. This will extend the lifespan of your roof, gives you peace of mind the leak will not reoccur, and comes with a five-year warranty.

In order to complete the work we need to ensure our team’s safety while working on your home. This means minor scaffolding to the affected area ensuring the work is carried out safely and efficiently.

Before – This roof below had previously been repaired with temporary solutions that don’t last long

Close up shot of a roof in need of repairing

After – When the roof leaked again the owner contacted Element Roofing and we repaired it by replacing the sheets in the affected area

Close up shot on top of a repaired roof

We only repair long-run metal roofing and butynol bay windows & roofs

Close up shot roof exterior
Close up shot roof exterior

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