Re-Roofing and Roof Repair Expertise throughout Wellington

Element Roofing specialises in the highest standards of workmanship and service. Regardless of the size of the job, you can be assured that we will work to the exacting standards our industry demands. Re-roofing can be a time-consuming process and we strive to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and your home is back to its best as soon as possible.

Quality products used

Quality products used for our re-roofing and roofing repairs services

Colorsteel Endura

It’s the ideal, cost effective roofing and cladding choice for most residential homes and commercial buildings located in New Zealand’s inland environments. COLORSTEEL®

Endura® is perfectly suited to the majority of exterior architectural applications including roofing, cladding, garage doors, spouting and fencing.

The range of 24 standard colours, plus 7 architectural colours has been carefully selected to reflect the bold tones and subtle hues of our natural landscape. Whether you choose to live in the countryside, bush, suburbs or inner city, COLORSTEEL® Endura® prepainted steel provides the perfect colour palette for traditional, contemporary and eclectic designs.

Colorsteel Maxx

Specifically developed to withstand higher atmospheric salt concentrations, it’s perfectly suited to more extreme building environments, including near New Zealand’s rugged coast.

The AZ200 ZINCALUME® steel substrate has a 200g/m2 zinc/aluminium alloy coating, providing greater corrosion protection over your entire roof, including galvanic protection on-cut edges. A corrosion resistant primer and baked ¬on paint finish add further protection, ensuring your roof looks great and will endure the harsh New Zealand elements for many years to come.

The COLORSTEEL® Maxx® prepainted steel palette has 18 standard colours plus 7 architectural colours. Each colour is inspired by the subtle hues and dramatic tones that give New Zealand its reputation as one of the world’s most breathtaking natural habitats.

THERMAL EFFICIENCY FOR YEAR ROUND COMFORT All standard* colours in the COLORSTEEL® Maxx® prepainted steel range incorporate solar reflectance technology.

When combined with standard insulation levels, solar reflectance technology is designed to maintain greater thermal comfort all year round, while using less energy.

* Excluding Ebony.

Color Steel Endura
Colour Steel Max
Colour Steel
Element roofing are the corrugated iron re­roofing specialists in Wellington. We are fully licensed New Zealand building Practitioners and we are dedicated to providing Wellington with excellent customer service.

We work on processes to ensure you are kept well informed and know what is happening at each stage along the way.

Because most New Zealand houses are coastal or close to the sea special attention is required when picking the material to use. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure we can stand behind the products we use.

Prolong the life of your roof with Wellington’s most reliable repairs
In some cases we can fix your old roof to try and buy you some more time.

This includes:

  • ­ Roof leak investigation and repairs
  • ­ Replace flashings
  • ­ Rescrew
  • ­ Patching

Call us if you need advice on roof repairs. We would be happy to help.

Available Roofing Profiles
Trimline Element Roofing
Trimline – Profiled Metal Roofing & Cladding

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Custom Orb Cladding & Roofing
Corrugated – Profiled Metal Roofing & Cladding

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