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For most of us, storing things we don’t use all the time can present a challenge.

What we often don’t realise is that we may be living right underneath the complete answer to our storage needs. Most New Zealand homes have been built with a large space between the ceiling and roof but no easy way to access it.

Attic flooring stilt system using loft leg
  • Unique solution to avoid insulation compression
  • 175mm Loft Leg fixed on top of a 100mm truss or ceiling joist
  • Strong and light weight
  • UK manufactured from recycled polypropylene to ISO9001 standards
  • Attic flooring: 18mm plywood, 600mm x 2400mm easily placed up in attic
  • Easy to install by home handy man
Sellwood Attic Stairs
We are proud to be a supplier of the Sellwood range of attic stairs.

Our stairs can be installed in a position that offers maximum convenience and gives you the best headroom. We make it easy to select the right stair, whether you’re installing the stair yourself or taking advantage of an installation service, we will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

Click here to read more and view the Sellwood range.

Sellwood Attic Stair Range
A31 R28 D27 Q24 J24
Sellwood Regular

  • Superior quality
  • 200kg loading
  • Large opening

Sellwood Deluxe

  • Smoother climbing angle
  • Deeper treads
  • Powder coated fittings
  • 250kg loading

Sellwood Specialty range

  • For use in restricted areas
  • J24: 560mm wide
  • Sellwood Quad 24 (Q24): four part folding stair, ceiling opening 835mm x 650mm
  • Rhino 27 (R28): Radiata pine ladder and casing, grooved tread, rubber feet, handrail, heavy duty hinge for stability and strength

Sellwood Aluminium range

  • Heavy duty commercial stair
  • 300kg loading, with larger opening
  • 2.5 metre to 3.6 metre high ceilings
  • A31: 3 metre to 3.160 metre high ceilings
  • Second stage spring system for easier operation

All attic stairs come with a paintable hatch to match your ceiling colour.

Supply and installation of attic stairs
Attic Package Deals
We offer package deals which includes an attic stair from our range, a minimum set of 2 sqm of attic flooring and lighting with switch. The most common attic solution we sell is the Sellwood R28 with 10 sqm of attic flooring and a single baton light with switch. We can advise you and give you options to help figure out the right package for you.
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Supply and installation of attic stairs and plywood flooring
Supply and installation of the attic stair and plywood flooring ranging anywhere between 5 sqm to 35 sqm. Custom packages are also available.
Supply of attic stairs and plywood flooring only packages
Our supply only packages include: Loft Legs, plywood flooring, screws (delivery is not included). We have a lead in time of 48 hours for supply only packages. These can be purchased through our website
Attic Lighting
We strongly recommend that you get a light installed at the same time as the attic storage which we take care of for you. In the smaller attics one baton light is usually sufficient. In the larger attics you might want to install two batons or a fluorescent light. We can advise you from our experience once we have been up in your attic.

All of our lights are installed by qualified electricians.

Attic Insulation
When we are up in the attic or replacing a roof it makes sense to get the insulation done at the same time. We offer the supply and installation of Earthwool glasswool insulation.

The Earthwool® glasswool insulation range for New Zealand homes and buildings has been designed to meet or exceed the New Zealand Building Code at cost effective prices.

Earthwool glasswool insulation is rot-proof, non­hygroscopic, odourless, does not sustain vermin and does not encourage the growth of mould, fungi or bacteria. It does not contain added phenol, formaldehyde or artificial colours (dyes) and comes with a 50 year warranty from Knauf Insulation.

Easy Insulation Offer
We can insulate the ceiling space with Earthwool R3.6. Earthwool is an 100% NZ owned company providing eco friendly insulation at a great price. See the price indicator for supply and install of insulation.
Payment Terms
We require a 50% deposit before starting the job. On completion will we send an invoice due within 7 days. Quotes are valid for 30 days.